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  • Business Account Basics – Recording


      Part 1: 56 minutes Part 2: 54 minutes A business relationship with your credit union often begins at account opening. Recorded from the live presentations on March 1 and 8, 2023 – this session gives your staff the training they need to open and maintain accounts for all business types. Join CUBG’s Liz Volin…

  • Growing Your Portfolio Using Referral Sources – Recording


      Duration: 52 minutes Price: Complimentary for CUBG Member Credit Unions Ever wonder what the secret is to being a successful commercial lender? It’s referrals! Before most business owners decide to borrower money, start a business, or switch financial services providers – they talk to a trusted advisor. In this webinar exclusively for CUBG Member…

  • How to Speak Business Services for Branch Staff – Recording


      Duration: 73 minutes Credit unions have a lot of competition for commercial clients. But they also have a secret weapon many of those competitors don’t have… a network of branches with deep ties to the community. Branches are typically the first point of contact and a great resource for business members. Are you giving your…

  • Managing Deposit Fraud Risk – Recording


      Duration: 39 minutes Managing deposit risk is just as important as managing credit risk. What questions should you ask when opening new accounts? What do you need to do to verify your business members’ information? In this webinar we’ll review these important questions and provide you with the resources you need to avoid potential fraud….

  • Regulations & Compliance for Business Accounts – Recording


    This webinar gives an overview of the most common regulations and compliance issues CUBG’s business deposits experts are asked about. This video serves as a training tool for credit union staff of essential regulations impacting business accounts. The topics covered in this course include: Regulation D (Reserve Requirements) Regulation CC (Check Holds) Regulation GG (Internet Gambling)…

  • Setting and Monitoring ACH/RDC Limits – Recording


      Duration: 72 minutes Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) have become industry standards in deposits and are common products for credit union business members. However, both also come with their own regulations and challenges. Managing risk is essential to protect both the credit union and the member. Join CUBG’s Liz Volin…

  • Targeting Professional Practices – Recording


      Duration: 64 minutes   This webinar recorded live on June 29, 2021, covers how to target professional practice firms like doctors, dentists, and lawyers (and their wealthy owners) for business deposit accounts and loans at your credit union.  Learn tips for building relationships and business in this niche market, and how it can lead…

  • The Basics of Business Entity Types – Recording


      Duration: 33 minutes CU Business Group’s The Basics of Business Entity Type gives a summary of the most common types of business entities you’ll encounter as a credit union. These business entities include sole proprietorships, DBAs, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, associations, and campaigns. Some of the topics covered in this course include: A…

  • The Final Rule on Customer Due Diligence for Financial Institutions – Recording


    This webinar explores the FinCen rule that clarifies and strengthens customer due diligence requirements.  This webinar serves as a training tool you can share with your credit union’s staff to ensure compliance. The topics covered in this course include: Overview of the rule Definitions of “Legal Entity Customers” and “Beneficial Owners” The anti-money laundering requirements Key…