Analyzing K-1s – Recording


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Duration: 125 minutes

Having a thorough understanding of all borrower and guarantor investments, especially in real estate, is vital for an accurate financial analysis. Reviewing borrower and guarantor K-1s is critical for gaining a complete picture of cash flow and the impact of any related entities.

The Schedule K-1 tax form reports a partner’s share of a business’ profits, losses, deductions, and credits to the IRS. Join CUBG as we explore S-Corp and LLC K-1s, two of the most common types credit unions encounter. We’ll share how to identify and analyze business cash and income that passes through to owners and how you can assess the health of related entities.

This webinar discusses:
– Distributions
– Contributions
– Section 179 depreciation
– Owner’s equity
– Global cash flow for multiple K-1s


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