Asset-Based Lines of Credit – Recording


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Duration: 60 minutes

Asset-based lines of credit are loans secured by equipment, inventory, or accounts receivable and used by businesses to fund working capital needs. Offering asset-based lines of credit can help your credit union better serve your business members by providing them with the funds they need to further grow their business.

Recorded from the live presentation on May 5, 2022, this webinar discusses analyzing, structuring, and managing asset-based lines of credit. This course is designed for lenders, analysts, and administrators new to asset-based lines of credit, and credit unions thinking of offering these types of loans.

We discuss:

  • Assessing candidates for asset-based lending
  • Analyzing credit for working capital lines
  • Evaluating accounts receivable and inventory reports and equipment values
  • Structuring lines of credit
  • Reviewing and establishing collateral values
  • Creating and managing borrowing base certificates
  • Gauging the ongoing risk of these loans


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