The Basics of Lines of Credit – Recording



This basic webinar is designed to familiarize loan officers with the terms and purpose of various forms of short-term lending with a focus on revolving lines of credit.

This introductory webcast will provide the participant with a high level overview on how to determine whether a revolving line of credit is the appropriate product to meet a members needs and touch on:

  • Acceptable types of collateral
  • Documents needed to determine eligibility for this type of short-term financing
  • Risks associated with lines of credit

Suggested audience: Business Loan and Business Development Officers, loan committee members.

Length: 35 minutes

Purchase Terms & Conditions
After the order is approved, you’ll receive an email with links to download the education materials. After you download, you will be able to save the files to your shared network and use the training for your credit union going forward.

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