Blanket Loans, Carving Your Niche – Recording




Cost: Complimentary

Duration: 52 minutes

Today’s competitive lending market and selective collateral appetite make securing new commercial loans a challenge for credit unions.  Carving out a niche and differentiating yourself will allow your commercial loan program to capture established markets, increase your pipeline, and escape the competition while serving your members’ borrowing needs.

Blanket loans are designed for sophisticated real estate investors with portfolios of primarily single and multifamily (up to 4-units) non-owner occupied, cash flowing, residential rental properties.  These loans are convenient and cost-effective solutions for these types of borrowers, while also providing another safe and sound product with complimentary yields for your credit union.

In this recording from a live session on January 27, 2021 – you’ll hear how a Blanket Loan Program can help you tap into an increasingly popular market and increase your yield and production.

We’ll discuss:

– Opportunities and challenges associated with making blanket loans
– Best practices for making blanket loans, including the key uses and which borrowers they work best for
– How to underwrite and originate a blanket loan
– Auditor and examiner concerns and how to mitigate them

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