Commercial Appraisal Reviews – Performing, Understanding, and Using the Review – Recording


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Duration: 65 minutes

Reviewing CRE appraisals is a regulatory requirement, and a critical part of loan underwriting. Many of the findings from appraisal reviews are important to include in the credit presentation and key in making a decision on the loan.

In this special webinar from October 11, 2022, learn about performing, understanding, and using commercial appraisal reviews in underwriting. 


We Discuss:

– Building a process for appraisal reviews

– Ensuring compliance with NCUA rules and the Interagency Guidance on Appraisals and Evaluations

– Whether outsourcing reviews is appropriate for your Credit Union

– Key areas to focus on in the appraisal

– Reviewing an appraisal effectively and efficiently

– Using the appraisal review as a tool to spot and mitigate risk

– Next steps after identifying an issue


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