Cracking the Code: Understanding New Expectations for Credit Risk Management – Recording


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Duration: 60 minutes

The combined regulatory agencies, including the NCUA, recently issued Interagency Guidance on Credit Risk Review Systems outlining their expectations on how financial institutions should independently review and manage credit risk.

So what does this guidance mean for your commercial lending program?

“This sets the bar much higher for how a credit union must oversee and independently review risk within the commercial portfolio,” explains CUBG CEO Larry Middleman. “This new regulatory guidance lays out the standards all credit unions will need to follow as commercial portfolios grow in size and complexity.”

Join CUBG experts as they crack the code and explain the key points of this guidance, how it applies to your commercial program, and the steps you should take now and in the future.

This webinar discusses:
– New regulatory standards for creating and implementing a compliant risk review system
– The required responsibilities you will need to assign to staff or a third party
– Key areas your independent credit review policy should address
– Required qualifications and independence for reviewers
– The new expanded scope requirements for independent portfolio reviews

This thorough package includes the hour-long recording, a copy of the interagency guidance, and CUBG’s three-page summary outlining the salient points of the guidance

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