Strategies for Analyzing CRE Tenants – Recording


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Duration: 64 minutes

When analyzing a loan on commercial real estate collateral, lenders typically focus on loan to value, management, and cash flow. However, analyzing the tenants that pay rent to generate that cash flow is also essential.

Join CUBG in this recording from April 6, 2023 and learn how to assess these tenants and perform the necessary due diligence on this revenue stream.

We discuss:

  • Applying the 5 C’s of Credit to tenant analysis
  • Credit tenants (usually big businesses)
  • Non-credit tenants (the mom and pop businesses)
  • Using non-financial data to assess tenant quality
  • Where to find and how to review financial information
  • Mitigating tenant risk
  • Measuring your borrowers’ knowledge of their tenants and leases


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