Reassessing and Re-Valuing Collateral During Annual Reviews – Recording


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Duration: 60 minutes

Collateral is often the secondary source of repayment on a commercial loan and knowing the current value of that collateral is a key part of assessing risk in your portfolio. Performing collateral re-valuation as part of annual or periodic reviews is also a regulatory requirement, a hot button with examiners, and an industry best practice.

In this webinar recorded from the live session on November 3, 2022 – learn about effectively revaluing real estate and assessing collateral risk on existing loans.

We discuss:

  • Methods for re-valuation including using current market data and where to find the information
  • When to consider using third-party reports, where to obtain them, how much they cost, and how to read and use them
  • If and when a new appraisal or more formal valuation is required or recommended
  • What regulators recommend when it comes to these re-valuations
  • How to build a compliant and useful collateral analysis process for annual review


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