Commercial Lending

CUBG provides services to help your credit union with all aspects of a business loan, from underwriting to risk management and servicing.


CUBG offers extensive loan analysis and origination services, from loan previews, credit analysis, and financial spreads to streamlined or full underwriting, and appraisal and environmental reviews.


CUBG’s loan documentation experts will guide you in structuring and documenting your transactions to create LaserPro documents compliant in all 50 states.

Loan Servicing

Discover CUBG’s loan servicing solution for commercial loans.  We service all commercial loan types from CRE to C&I, SBA, loan participations, and more.  Benefit from CUBG’s expertise and technology at competitive servicing fees.

Small Business Lending

This program offers a quick, efficient, and low-cost solution for processing small  loans.  With an easy digital application, your credit union can get businesses the financing they need to grow and thrive.

Portfolio Management

Our comprehensive suite of loan analysis and review services includes annual reviews, appraisal reviews, streamlined collateral management solutions, problem loan services, and thorough loan portfolio reviews. With expert assessments, we offer detailed analysis, exception reporting, and recommendations tailored to your credit union’s needs.

Capital Markets

Our Capital Markets team sources loans nationwide to help your credit union find quality deals to grow loan volumes and diversify your portfolio. Buying and selling loans is easy with our established network and Digital Loan Marketplace.


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