Portfolio Management

CUBG offers a variety of additional services to help your credit union before AND after the loan is made, including annual reviews and appraisal reviews, collateral evaluations, loan portfolio reviews, and more.

Annual Reviews

Monitor the credit quality of your loans after closing with annual reviews performed by our experienced credit analysts.  Reviews include an analysis of financial data, tax returns, and credit reports, preparation of financial spreads, a summary of key strengths and weaknesses, and a recommended risk rating.  Upgrade to our Risk Monitoring Service for borrower/guarantor credit reports, reminder notifications, and bi-annual Business Credit Tracker Reports.

Appraisal Reviews

Ensuring appraisals are accurate and compliant is a critical step in the underwriting process and independent appraisal reviews are required by Interagency guidelines.  Let CUBG help you identify important findings that may impact underwriting. We’ll look at property valuation, loan term, unique property features, rent differentials, and credit/loan structure issues.

Collateral Evaluations

Streamline your collateral management with our all-in-one solution. We offer appraisal reviews to ensure accuracy and compliance, identifying key factors that impact underwriting. Request our services for underwriting, risk monitoring, environmental reviews, and more. Explore our compliant collateral evaluations and management tools for CRE loans with Collateral 360 products from EDR.

Underwriting and File Reviews

A pre- or post-funding review by CUBG’s expert underwriters can help your credit union ensure your underwriting is complete and thorough.  Choose from exception reporting on the credit union’s credit presentation and spreads only, or a full review and narrative outlining the request, adequacy of analysis and any exceptions noted.


Exception reporting on credit presentation and spreads, highlighting gaps and incomplete analysis. Turnaround time: 3-5 business days.


Full portfolio review with detailed analysis of underwriting, cash flow, collateral, loan terms, and compliance. Receive a 1-3 page memo outlining exceptions and support data. Turnaround time: 4-6 business days.


On-site or remote review by our experts, providing a 5-15 page report with exceptions and recommendations. Tailored to your credit union’s needs.

Commercial Loan portfolio & operations reviews

Prudent commercial lending practices require independent third party reviews of the credit union’s underwriting and documentation.  CUBG’s expert team can conduct comprehensive on-site or remote reviews of your portfolio, focusing on the credit presentation and key underwriting data.  For a thorough evaluation, add a review of overall commercial lending practices and departmental operations including reporting, workflow, and risk monitoring.  Contact us for a custom proposal based on your credit union’s needs.

Problem Loan Services

Addressing past due loan situations is crucial. CUBG can aid your credit union with proactive steps to re-work loans and make necessary changes to cash flow in problem loan situations.  We can assist in updating the financial analysis and collateral valuation, identifying loan restructuring options, designing a workout plan, and advise on working with attorneys and other experts. For severe cases, CUBG also offers referrals for specialized workout services.


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