SBA Lending

SBA transactions require knowledgeable support and services both at loan origination and thereafter. CUBG’s SBA Lending Program can help your credit union become an SBA lender without hiring a team of experts or making a long-term financial commitment.

Why Offer SBA Loans?

  • Provide loans to small businesses that would not typically qualify for conventional financing.
  • Develop relationships with new members for whom you can provide additional products and services – become the primary financial institution for your business members.
  • Impact your community – small businesses improve the local economy by adding or retaining jobs and the federal economy by paying taxes.
  • Protect against loan losses with credit enhancement offered through government guarantee.

Benefits of CUBG’s SBA Services

Let CUBG’s team of experts be your resource for executing a successful SBA program to serve your community.

  • Have Access To A Team Of Trusted And Knowledgeable Sba Experts
  • Ensure Compliance With Sba
  • Develop Expertise Within Your Staff As Your Sba Portfolio Grows
  • Cultivate An Additional Revenue Stream For Business Services
  • Enjoy Ongoing Support At All Stages Of The Sba Lending Process


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